Warranty Programs

You've done everything right; worked with your Sarasota Home Realty agent to find, inspect and purchase a property. Now you are a homeowner, congratulations! Now that you own the home, what happens if the air conditioner, stove, hot water heater or other items break? How do you protect yourself from unexpected costs for repairs of items that break after the sale? Did you know that there are ways we can help to minimize the costs associated with unforeseen repairs?

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Survey Companies

Sarasota Home Realty recommends, and most closings require the services of a land surveyor whenever a property is transfered. A survey establishes secure boundaries and to protects property rights. Monuments are found, flagged or set to mark the corners of the property. To protect your property rights, defects in title, such as erroneous or incomplete land descriptions, may be discovered and corrected by the land surveyor. An unwritten transfer of title could also be uncovered, such as a neighbor occupying a portion of the property and claiming title to that portion.

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Real Estate Attorneys

There are many real estate attorneys in Sarasota and Manatee counties. Some are general attorneys that also perform real estate closings while others are specific to the practice of real estate law. Our goal on this page is not to list them all. Instead the list below are some attorneys that we have used to close properties and would recommend to our customers. 

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Mortgage Providers

Mortgage brokers work with a variety of lenders, matching the speific needs and qualifications of the borrower with a lender who offers the best match. By using a mortgage broker you are hiring an experienced agent to work on your behalf to locate the best deal for you. They do the legwork for you, using their market knowledge and skill, working with lenders and completing their necessary requirements. They usually cost no more than working directly with a lender and offer broad market knowledge although they are not the final decision makers on your mortgage approval.

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Home Inspectors

The first important step in purchasing a property is to work with your Sarasota Home Realty agent to find the right property and negotiate a contract that meets your needs. However, this is not the only important step in finding the right property. You have to know the condition of the property that you are purchasing. Not knowing the structural condition, possibility of defective drywall, effectiveness of the HVAC system, possible presence of mold, roof condition, etc., can result in unanticipated costs. Nobody needs costly surprises, especially when they can be avoided.

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