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Sarasota Home Realty recommends, and most closings require the services of a land surveyor whenever a property is transfered. A survey establishes secure boundaries and to protects property rights. Monuments are found, flagged or set to mark the corners of the property. To protect your property rights, defects in title, such as erroneous or incomplete land descriptions, may be discovered and corrected by the land surveyor. An unwritten transfer of title could also be uncovered, such as a neighbor occupying a portion of the property and claiming title to that portion.

Restrictions, such as setback lines and development requirements, established by homeowner associations, can be researched in the public records, and the information added to the survey drawing. Other pertinent data qualifying a right to others such as easements for utilities or ingress and egress across the property would be shown on the survey drawing. The location of all improvements located on the property will disclose encroachments, to the property lines. Surveys also uncover things like: a well located inches onto your neighbor's land with a potential for problems down the road. Legal access to your property from a public or private road right of way, ensuring that your land is not landlocked and that public utilities are able to service you. 

Florida law requires that potential boundary inconsistencies such as gaps and overlaps; measurement problems, like excess or deficiencies in lot and block lines; and conflicting monuments or boundary lines be researched and disclosed on the survey drawing in a manner that is clear to the public. Only a Florida registered and licensed land surveyor is qualified to make a competent land survey of your property. Beware of the "Owner's Affidavit of Survey and Indemnification Agreement", as it does not investigate the potential problems. The property owner is not qualified to assess these problems and may be stuck with them should one or more arise.

Below we have a few surveyors that have worked in Sarasota and Manatee counties. These surveyors are well known and have done work surveying properties for our buyers and sellers. Click on any to go directly to their website. These surveyors are listed in alphabetical order, not in any order of preferance. If you have any questions, please consult with your Sarasota Home Realty agent. 


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